Columbia SC Home Real Estate Agent says “You MUST do this for your home… NOW!”

  • Posted by: Adrian La Fosse
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It is easy to do and can PAY you back in the long run In Columbia SC even the best of us are guilt of procrastinating. Today I want to talk to you about something that is near and dear to my heart as a Columbia real estate agent, YOUR HOME! More specifically the circulatory system of your house, the Heating and Air system (HVAC). I’m sure you know this, but you need, no strike that, MUST change out your HVAC system filters regularly. The HVAC pushes air in to your house to heat or cool. The return vent, where your filters are located, sucks air back through the system. This keeps the air moving in your house. No matter how clean you keep your house, these filters will catch a lot of “material” and debris in the air. Think how bad the air quality in your house would be if you DIDN’T have a filter system. If you don’t change out your filters, you are just trapping this airborne debris and making the HVAC work harder, which will increase your utility bill and limit the potential life of your HVAC system. Take a look at the picture below. The whiter filter is new. The darker filter is a 3-month-old filter (yes I should have kept my schedule of every 2 months). This is from a moderately sized one-story house that is kept “pretty” clean. That’s what is in your air. Makes you want to go a change out filters, huh? Your choices are $1 filters, $3-$5 filters and $10 and above filters. We could debate this but many experts say the cheaper ones work just fine. It is recommended to change them once a month or no less than every other month. The BOTTOM line… Your Columbia SC Home Real Estate Agent says “Be kind to your home, CHANGE YOUR FILTERS TODAY!!!” This article is brought to you by Columbia SC Home Real Estate agent Adrian La Fosse of Asset Realty. You can reach Adrian at (803) 622-9731 for local Columbia information.