BuildWatch - Video Diary

“BuildWatch”, a video diary of your home being built from the ground up

Columbia SC new home

How would you like to watch your, your family’s or friend’s Columbia SC new home being built? The Columbia New Home Buyer Team can help by offering BuildWatch videos.

What is BuildWatch? It is a video diary series of a new home being built from the ground up. The videos will catch the different phases of construction from grading, foundation, framing, drywall, finishing touches all the way to your completed home.

How much does BuildWatch cost? Not a cent! It is an included service for clients of the Columbia New Home Buyer Team.

Who is BuildWatch for? Well… everybody! If you are out of town, it is a great way to keep track of construction. If you have family and friends that you to share your new home with, they can see what is happening. If you want to keep an archive of your home’s construction, it will always be available on YouTube and this site.

The Columbia New Home Buyer Team does not represent builders. We specialize in representing buyers of new homes. That ensures you get the best service and deal! Thinking of buying a new home? Contact us at (803) 250-6750.

Here are a few examples of Build Watch videos (all different homes).

Grading complete

Foundation complete

Framing complete

Siding and Drywall

Cabinets and More

Home is DONE!

Want to find out more about BuildWatch or anything else about new homes?

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