Yahoo says to buy a Columbia SC new home to create wealth in 2011

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Build Wealth by Buying a Columbia SC New Home, Yahoo Said SO

I just read an article on Yahoo Finance about 9 steps for building wealth in 2011. Here's what it said about real estate:

Want to build wealth in 2011? Buy a home, Phipps says. Mortgage rates are low, selection is great, prices are about one-third lower than five years ago, "and, by the way, you can live in the investment," he says.

Homeownership remains a long-term vehicle to financial independence and wealth, Phipps says.

Tip for success: Even though it sounds "pretty elementary," it's especially vital to "use common sense when buying and selling," Phipps says. "Price at the market to sell. Buy what you need and can afford."

Here's the full article:

Hey, if Yahoo says so...

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