The number one question asked in the Columbia SC Real Estate Market… “What is a FROG?”

  • Posted by: Adrian La Fosse
  • Category: Blog

A week doesn’t go by here in Columbia, SC without being asked, “What is a FROG?”

I am almost tempted to not to write this article. Hey, I am a salesperson. I want people to have a reason to call and consult me. My sly side wants to make up some hokey acronym. Okay, enough stalling. The answer is… Finished Room Over Garage! Check out this video for more Here's a direct link to the video: In the Columbia market an extra living space over the garage is called a FROG. It is also an alternative to basements, which are very uncommon for our market. That is for another article to explain the reason. FROGs are usually larger than a secondary bedroom, sometimes substantively. They can be 12’ x 14’, 14’ x 15’, 14’ x 18’ or larger. They sometimes have different “subsections” as well. They often do not have a closet but if they do, they can be considered a bedroom. Part of the ceiling line is actually the roof line. Usually the roof line starts about 4 or 5 feet above the floor. They can be in one and two story houses. They are part of the house and included in the square footage because they are heated and cooled. If a house has a FROG, it will be listing in the house details. It is also known as a bonus room. Well now the mysterious FROG has been revealed!

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