Shiloh by Essex Homes in Meadows at Summer Pines Blythewood SC – Rios Family

“BuildWatch” videos of this Shiloh plan built by Essex Homes

This video diary series is an EXCLUSIVE service for clients of the Columbia SC New Home Buyer Team.

This page is for the Rios Family as well as their family and friends to watch their Blythewood SC Essex Homes Shiloh plan new home being built in the Meadows at Summer Pines neighborhood right before your eyes. Come back often for updated videos.

Grading – May 22nd, 2017

Framing – June 15th, 2017

Just before Drywall – June 27th, 2017

Post Drywall – July 12th, 2017

LOTS of PROGRESS – July 31st, 2017

Nearly Done – September 7th, 2017