Video – Hurricane Builders-Columbia SC new home builder sets the standard with Hardwood floors

Columbia New Home Buyer Team
Published on December 17, 2010

Video – Hurricane Builders-Columbia SC new home builder sets the standard with Hardwood floors


Hurricane Builders and Hardwood Flooring

A lot has changed in the Columbia SC new homes market recently. Especially in the last 2 years. One of the leaders in that change has been Hurricane Builders Columbia SC. They have designed new floorplans with standard features that just a couple of years ago cost BIG bucks. New home prices have stayed the same or even gone down but what you get is simply amazing. Bamboo hardwoods in every Hurricane Builders’ home, regardless of neighborhood or price.

Hurricane Builders has 12 neighborhoods, all in the areas and schools districts you want to be in. From Lexington, Northeast Columbia, Southeast Columbia and Blythewood South Carolina. New homes are priced from the low $100’s to the low $200’s.

I’ve seen two story 2300 square foot plus new 4 bedroom homes with tons of fabulous upgrades standard priced in the $140’s and $150’s.

They look simply amazing. Take a look at this video. There’s a form below where you can tell the Columbia New Home Buyer Team what you are looking for in a new family home. Oh, besides lots of classy hardwood flooring.

Buy your new Columbia SC home with a little help from your friends

Hurry up and don’t miss out on this opportunity. Our team does not represent the builder but YOU the new home buyer, ensuring you get the best service and the BEST DEAL! We can assist you in the purchase of any home, new or existing, in the Columbia South Carolina real estate market.

Contact Adrian La Fosse, the Columbia SC New Home Buyer team leader, by calling (800) 620-1323.

Or simply fill out the form below.

New 4 bedroom homes in Columbia SC for the $150’s and Below — Select Title — Dr. Mr. Mrs. Ms.
*First Name
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*What areas are you interested in? NE Columbia
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Rural Lexington Co
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Are you in the Military or retired military? — Please select — Yes No
Are you a Nurse, EMT or Police Officer? — Please select — Yes No
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Video – Hurricane Builders-Columbia SC new home builder sets the standard with Hardwood floors
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