Columbia SC real estate agent says “NO” to telemarketers calling YOUR CELL PHONE!

  • Posted by: Adrian La Fosse
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REMEMBER: Cell Phone Numbers in Columbia, SC (well everywhere too) Go Public this month.

ALL cell phone numbers are being released to telemarketing companies and you will start to receive sales calls. Get ready for diner interrupting telemarketing calls to your cell phone. But alas, there's a solution! To prevent this, call the following number from your cell phone: 888-382-1222. It is the National DO NOT CALL list It will only take a minute of your time.. It blocks your number for five (5) years. You must call from the cell phone number you want to have blocked. You cannot call from a different phone number.

I did it. It takes about a whole 20 seconds!

HELP OTHERS BY PASSING THIS ON BY CLICKING ON THE SHARE THIS ARTICLE OPTIONS BELOW. Do everyone you know a favor and please forward to family and friends. Happy telemarketing free evenings from your friendly real estate agent Adrian La Fosse with Asset Realty in Columbia, SC. NOTE: This may actually be a rumor that cell phones are going to be released to telemarketers. Still, 20 seconds to ENSURE your cell is on the DO NOT CALL list is well worth it. While you're at it, put ALL your phones on the list just to make sure.