Columbia SC economy turnaround? Best Buy and Wild Buffalo Wings

  • Posted by: Adrian La Fosse
  • Category: Blog

Electronics and Food make my world go 'round in Columbia SC

I was out and about doing my shopping for the week and saw a couple of things that might be a good sign about the Columbia SC economy. There is a new Best Buy going up in NE Columbia just off of Two Notch Road. I guess it would be ironic that it is going in the former Circuit City location. This a double edge sword for me. I've always wanted a Best Buy location closer to where I live but won't that mean I'll spend more money there? You see where I'm coming from. ;-) I also saw Wild Buffalo Wings going up right next to the Wal-Mart on Two Notch. Is this an indication that the Columbia SC economy is on the rebound? Well, when everything hit the fan a couple of  years ago, Columbia lost a few national businesses and just a few locals. So at least as far as an economic indicator of businesses closing down and businesses opening, I've always thought that Columbia has done quite well. Heck, you can seem to go anywhere in town without a new pharmacy going up right next to another one. I've seen quite a few gas stations, restaurants and other businesses being built in the last couple of years too. So... I'm hopeful and happy to be livin' in Columbia SC where the economy is growing (fingers crossed)!