Big News in VA Home Loans – Reading this Article can Save Military Families Thousands

  • Posted by: Adrian La Fosse
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Dateline: Columbia SC VA Home Loans October 1st 2011

Buying a new family home using a VA home loan just got cheaper. Not only interest rates are OUTRAGEOUSLY low, the VA Administration has just announced reductions of its funding fee. When using a VA loan to purchase a home, each veteran is charged a fee that goes on top of the loan. This is ACTUALLY a good thing. A VA loan does not require a down payment. Other loans charge a MONTHLY fee for putting down less than 20%. This can add up to $100 or hundreds of dollars per month in useless fees. Now with the reduction in the upfront VA funding fee, Veterarns will save thousands of dollars on their home loans. The average first time user of this benefit, the savings will be at least a $1000 (and more). For second time (and more) users the savings will be even MORE.  We're talking about $2000 to $3000 and more. The Fort Jackson Home Team can assist military families in the purchase of their new homes. You can reach team leader Adrian La Fosse at (800) 620-1323 or online at